Frequently Overlooked Ways to Travel Cheaply

Despite the rising costs of airfare and gasoline, it is still possible to enjoy satisfying travel without spending a fortune. Often, it is not as difficult to travel cheaply as it may seem at first, and by following a few simple, but cost-effective tips one will find that a pleasant and memorable vacation is well within reach.

Airfare Savings

Saving money on airfare is often the first aspect one considers when planing a vacation, especially if he or she is working with limited funds. However, there are many ways for one to save money on this part of his or her trip. Those who limit themselves to carry-on luggage, or just one suitcase stand to gain the most savings on airline tickets. The primary reason for this is the fact that many of the airlines that offer discounted flights recoup their money by charging their passengers a hefty fee for each piece of luggage they bring.

Another way to save a considerable amount of money on airfare is to book one’s flight well in advance. Those who wait until the last minute to book their ticket often end up paying over twice as much for the same fare as those who booked their trip in advance. One may also wish to consider flying standby, unless hotel reservations have been made which cannot be changed.

Special Occasion Discounts

One of the simplest and easiest ways to obtain a discounted rate when traveling is to simply ask for one. Many hotels and resorts will offer a substantial discount for families or couples who are celebrating a special event, such as a birthday or anniversary. Additionally, some establishments will offer an accommodation upgrade if a better room or suite is available that would otherwise remain empty. However, most hotels and resorts will not offer such upgrades without being asked, so it pays to inquire upon check-in.

Guided Tours

Another way to save money on a vacation is to book a group tour, which is an option that can be just as enjoyable as traveling independently. In addition, a guided tour can be an ideal way to see multiple attractions for the same price it would cost to see only one or two on a traditional vacation. However, travelers must keep in mind that most guided tours begin quite early in the morning, therefore if they prefer to sleep in on vacation, such tours may not be a good option.

Off Season Travel

Tourist facilities frequently offer discounts as high as 50 percent for vacationers who are willing to visit their establishments during the off-season. In addition, many travelers find that all aspects of their vacation, from sightseeing to dining and shopping, are more enjoyable when the destination is less crowded. Although it may take a bit of effort to implement the aforementioned tips for traveling cheaply, the money one saves when such steps are taken make it well worth his or her time.

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How to Save Money While Traveling

For many people, traveling the world is a major personal goal. After all, who doesn’t want to experience different cultures, foods, and ways of life? The world has a lot to offer, and it’s only by traveling that you will be able to learn and meet new people. Although many people think you have to spend your life savings to travel the world, here are some tips that will disprove that and will help you save money and still be able to travel.

Often, the most challenging part of traveling is finding an inexpensive place to stay. However, there are several different options available to help you save money on lodging abroad. is an online community that requires a small joining fee but allows members to stay with other members at no cost. This site hosts members from all over the world, and provides a safe way to communicate before visiting in order to determine the best host/guest match. Other sites require that guests house-sit for their hosts in exchange for free lodging. Some of these sites include and If you’re uncomfortable with this, youth hostels are great places to stay for those traveling on a budget. They can be found all across Europe and are typically located in popular travel destinations.

International airfare doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. In fact, there are ways to sign up for airfare pricing services that will look out for a lower cost for certain destinations. One of these sites is Another great service is, which also has an iPhone app to remind you of upcoming deals to help you save money. With careful planning, you can find very inexpensive airfare.

If you aren’t traveling by plane, which tend to have strict regulations about food on board, bringing some of your favorite snacks on a trip will help you save a lot of money from dining out. This is especially true for road trips or train rides, where you can bring your own food with you without any extra fees or complications. If you do feel the urge to eat out, find places that will fit your budget rather to help you make your cash supply last longer.

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How to Travel Cheaply

1. Use the Internet to plan ahead.

Look for attractions that have discounted days or hours, and those that give discounts for purchasing cheap tickets online. Also check to see if there are national museums and other attractions subsidized by the government, which are especially common in countries with a high tax base like Canada.

2. Have an open-ended destination.

Most people decide where they want to go and then decide how to get there. Money-saving people do the opposite. They ask where the best deals are and decide which one looks like the most fun.

3. Start looking for airline and hotel deals well in advance.

Planning in advance allows you to grab the cheapest hotel rooms and airline tickets. Airline prices also climb steeply before popular holiday travel.

4. Do the math before you decide to drive.

Add together sky-high gas prices, fast-food meals on the road, and pricey hotel rooms, plus the wear and tear on your car, and you may be spending more than a few airplane tickets.

5. Travel off-season.

This doesn’t mean you have to brave the beach during a blizzard. For much of the southern Florida coast, summer is the off-season.

6. House sit or house swap.

House sitting or swapping combined with off-season travel can save you huge sums of money. Many vacation communities become ghost towns in the off season. By staying in someone else’s house, you’ll also have access to a kitchen, resulting in even bigger savings.

7. Save on drinks, snacks and meals.

Tourist attractions seem to hike drink prices in direct proportion to how thirsty vacationers might be. Bringing your own water bottle and refilling it from water fountains can save $2 or more per drink.

Before you leave for the day, set a no-snacks-out rule. Instead, slip some granola bars in your purse, backpack or fanny pack. For meals on the go, take advantage of the dollar menu at fast-food restaurants. In foreign countries, check out sidewalk stands for inexpensive local cuisine.

8. Save on airline fees

Avoid paying airline fees unless absolutely necessary. If you’re planning a short stay, taking carry-on bags for luggage can save $15 – $25 per suitcase. If you do check in your baggage, weigh your bag at home, making sure they’re not over the limit. Before you ask the airline for anything, even a pillow or blanket, make sure there’s no charge.

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Expert Tips For Saving Money On Your Travels

Are you in the mood for an extended vacation, but can not quite seem to come up with the necessary funds? Do you want to stretch your money as far as possible when you travel, in order to see more sights and have more fun? Do you enjoy the challenge of finding savings while you plan your trips? If so, read on for some helpful tips for travelling well without spending more than you can afford!

- Plan ahead, plan ahead, plan ahead.

No matter where you plan to go, how long you plan to stay, or what you want to do when you get there, never do your travelling on a whim. Yes, spontaneity can be exciting, but it will also cost you. The best deals, whether for hotel rooms, airplane and train tickets, or even admittance to various shows and attractions can be found ahead of time. A general rule of thumb is the earlier you plan, the more you will save!

- Travel during the off-season.

There are many benefits of visiting tourist spots during their less-busy times, and not all of these are financial. You will find fewer crowds, cleaner and more readily available amenities and happier, friendlier locals. It is often easier to get paid vacation from work during unpopular travel times. And of course, room reservations and airfare will be at their lowest-possible rates due to low demand.

- Do not waste money on souvenirs – make your own!

It is natural and understandable to want to commemorate your well-earned vacation with mementos and souvenirs. However, purchasing over-priced items in gift shops is not always the best way to do so. Collecting free items from the places you visit, saving brochures for scrapbooking, and taking plenty of fun snapshots will save you money and have the added bonus of being even more meaningful than store-bought souvenirs.

- Bring your own…. you name it.

Many people pack very lightly in order avoid cluttered suitcases and expensive airplane fees, but they often do not realize how much that can cost them in the long run. Unless you can be absolutely certain how much various toiletries, articles of clothing and other necessary items will cost you once you arrive at your destination, it is always safer to pack them ahead of time. Do not fool yourself into thinking it is easier to buy something new than to bring it along from home – that way, you will be happier with your trip’s overall cost in the end.

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How to travel while on a budget.

These days, travel costs just seem to keep climbing higher and higher. Rising gas prices, high airline fine, and increased fares for public transportation are all more than enough to discourage travelers, especially those on a tight budget. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be this way. With a few simple tips, you can travel economically and keep more money in your wallet.

One way to travel cheaply is to avoid peak travel days of the week. Do some research to discover the slower travel days of the week, especially around Thanksgiving and the holiday season. These days not only offer less hassle but often come with airline discounts and other savings to use. For air travelers especially, flying on slow travel days is a great way to stay economical while still getting to where you need to go.

Another affordable travel tip is to shop around before you travel. Consider traveling by train even if you enjoy flying. Trains are typically cheaper than airlines and have far fewer hidden fees and charges. They’re also a great way to avoid the traffic gridlock on busy travel days, especially in heavily urbanized areas of the country like the Northeast. Generally speaking, trains offer an affordable and efficient alternative to flying and driving and have become an increasingly popular mode of travel in recent years.

Packing lightly is another means of saving money while traveling. Lighter and fewer bags and packages not only mean less airline fees but also no baggage claim lines and a quicker and more efficient trip all around.

When finding a place to stay, look often the beaten path. Some hotels may offer fewer luxuries and amenities but charges substantially less rates and fees. Finding and booking cheaper hotels is a great way to save money in the long run. Also consider economical alternative likes hostels and bed-and-breakfasts, as these accommodations are typically more affordable than hotels. Finally, don’t for get to shop around for deals on Internet sites like Priceline and Hotwire.

It’s also important to remember that off season fares are typically lower than during the busy season. This is true for both travel services and hotels. Taking a vacation or leisure trip in the off season for travel is a great way to save on money but also enjoy a far less crowded destination.

Finally, always remember to purchase and pack everything you need ahead of time. This can be anything from sunscreen to clothes to toothpaste. Major tourist destinations often charges higher prices on items such as these, so make a point to save money by bringing everything you need ahead of time.

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Nothing but Time and a Backpack

While not for everyone, backpacking is undoubtedly the cheapest way to travel. Most backpackers stay at hostels while on their adventure. For a single backpacker, or even a young couple, hostels really cannot be beat. However, it is very important to put some research in before choosing a place to crash. While some hostels offer an incredible experience, others can be dangerous, dirty, and downright scary!

Hostels offer two great economic benefits to travelers.
The first benefit may seem obvious: a cheap stay! Typically hostels are far cheaper than hotels. How much cheaper they are depends on the accommodations desired. Possible options include cheap dorm-like rooms or private rooms for a slightly higher price.
Another great thing about staying at a hostel is the chance to eat for cheap. Many hostels offer a delicious dinner for a very reasonable price. Also, a stay at a hostel often includes full use of the kitchen. This means it is not necessary to spend anything more than the price of the ingredients at the local market to get a good meal. It is important to remember that the use of the kitchen is contingent on agreeing to clean up after cooking.

Simply traveling with a backpack does not ensure a cheap trip. The single most important tool someone looking to travel cheaply must use is a budget! It can be very tempting to spend more money than is necessary while traveling, whether on fine cuisine or cool souvenirs. This budget should be carefully calculated and must include every foreseeable expense.
The basics of any backpacker’s budget include living, food, and sightseeing. Assuming a stay at a hostel, the living part is complete. Budgeting for food should not be too difficult, but it depends greatly on the location of travel. A reasonable budget includes a simple breakfast, one self-made meal, and one meal out; after all, dining out is part of enjoying the culture! Sightseeing costs are very important to take into consideration. Neglecting this part of the budget could cause financial problems later in the trip. By researching the costs of local attractions, the budget can be adjusted so that there are no surprises. It is important not to limit the budget to the three basic areas since most travelers will want to spend some money on items such as souvenirs, postcards, and coffee. By being well prepared and creative, it is possible to have a very fulfilling trip without breaking the bank.

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